About Button & Squeaky

Button and Squeaky

The Button and Squeaky story is based on Jim Shore’s unique, sometimes unexpected insights and observations on life and relationships. The lovable characters and the situations they face are deceptively complex, covering a wide range of topics from heartwarming to enlightening to just plain silly. But no matter what, the underlying message is always the same… expressing a love and care for others that’s heartfelt and sincere. It’s an ongoing story of kindness and humor, striking a simple chord of hope that resonates in today’s complicated world.

“My goal,” said Jim, “was to create something interactive and personal, a way to tell people what I was seeing and thinking and to get some feedback through a series of posts. Sort of an ongoing conversation we can have through my art.” The response to this good-hearted teddy bear and his balloon dog friend has been immediate and somewhat overwhelming, with positive reaction from both devoted Jim Shore followers and people new to his work. So come along, join Jim and his friends for a fun filled adventure of life, love and humor. And whenever you can let him know what you think!